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HITZMAGIC TUTORIAL Wangzhuan waoindia hitzmagic Tutorial Description (Click category) Hitzmagic Company: 7 cents per ad, from $ 75 to pay, prestigious location! Super Multi ads every day! waoIndia Company: 10 cents for each ad, from the payment of $ 199, credit the site! Super Multi ads every day! Firstly, since the amount paid: $ 75 Second, Paypal / AlertPay (not see below) Thirdly, Reference: 50% Registration process and operation: 1 Click this address: hitzmagic on the registration page at: All fields are required username (username) password (password) Confirm Pass (Confirm password) email (mailbox) confirm email (email confirmation) PayPal E-mail (Paypal account) country (country) Referrer (leave this blank) (this format is not changed, can not be left blank) Terms of Service: (Terms of Service, do not fill in) security Code: (verification code) Paypal email (PP account if you have not registered can first fill-mail address (recommended), then this address registered PP registered Address :. paypaluk Earn money with Payza"> is important to have an account on payaza register at the following link; For help, you can refer to Paypal registered and certified national banks Tutorial: http: //www.05998. com / xinshou / pp.htm (Enter the verification code and press ENTER to complete the record) 2 click on the Login page, enter your username and password, login authentication code. Click the top left corner View Ads Ad fit the area 3 Click the blue zone text link ads on navigation pages of advertising in the top left corner of the page, there is a countdown, and other digital tick becomes Done that means you have the $ 0.07. Close this page, you can click back to the area of advertising ads, click finish all the ads, you can get all the dollars. Register

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